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November 15, 2010

Proton Inspira & Mitsubishi Lancer X

Proton Inspira and Lancer X? Both cars are very similar to each other. Proton Inspira just launch their NEW Proton Waja replacement which is the Proton Inspira. Inspira in English : Inspiration. And Obviously it's inspired from the Lancer X.

Meantime, I found out something funny on a comic strip in the web about the Proton Inspira and the Lancer Evo X. LOL. Enjoys.

LOLOL. EPIC! Laugh la laugh all larhhh.

But to be honest, with the Proton Inspira; money spend and change a lil bit on the outer look which everyone would do for a minor modification on it and turn it exactly like the Lancer Evo X. Compared to how people modify their Proton Waja's & Proton Wira's to the Lancer Evo X. I bet everyone would gonna do that after they got the Proton Inspira. In fact, For sure will change the Proton logo into Mitsubishi.

But with all those above, it's a Good Buy right? The Proton Inspira. lol.

Looks exactly the same as the Lancer X dammit. 95% similarity. At once Mitsubushi Lancer/ Lancer Evo X is one of my dream car and now it's affordable to all Malaysians to owned it. Perhaps God is giving me the chance to get this Proton Inspira as soon as possible to get my dream car on the age of 22? :)

On-the-road price with insurance starts from RM80,549 onwards. It's very affordable with a salary of at least 3.5-4K a month to owned it. Should I in another 1 or 2 more years? Hmmm.

Oh welll..... Should I?????

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