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November 24, 2010

SHOUT! Awards @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

I remembered I attended Last year's SHOUT! awards 2009 with my buddy Joshua Yap. That was after the Manchester United training session held at Studium Bukit Jalil. Special performance by Sean Kingston and now is his buddy Iyaz. I woulden't wanna miss this chance to attend this year's SHOUT! Award because I support LOCAL act as well. Not to mention, I am a CELCOM X PAX customer as well. :)

I wasn't really on the mood to snap photos that night but I manage to secure some vital shots for my post! Let's proceed to what's going on that night!

The colour theme for SHOUT! Awards was so colourful. Rainbow colour. Have a look at their website and you'll know how colourful it is. Also with nice flash work done as well

Yes there's a mascot for SHOUT! Awards which is these 2 fellas. Instead of RED carpet, they did the purple carpet because it's from CELCOM X PAX. And all the Artiste walking pass the purple carpet. Being so glamor, rich and famous I wish I was one of em. Speaking of which, our from Advertlets was one of em as well.


Ya larhh this is the HanieHidayah I'm talking about.

LOOK! Gadis Comel Hanie Hidayah Walking pass purple carpet with Moe Nasrul.

Here comes YUNA on purple carpet. Dressing very unique in a way with matching Blue Heels and inner Blue outfit despite she needs to be covered.

Interviewing the host's for the night. Hafiz, Sarah and Henry.

Lets get the event started already! I went in and grab myself a VIP seat and not long later, SHOUT! Awards goes LIVE in TV and WEB.

Opening Act performance by silver robotic humans.

Host's Henry Golding and Hafiz. Henry was also nominated as the Hot Guy Award.

Sarah Lian and Hafiz.

Camho time with fellow blogger friends who's sitting around me. Shaun, Chammaine, Ceddy, Feeq, Baldwin and Nelson.

Blogger friends which also includes Respected Simon So and HOT Daphkisses!

This is YUNA. Listened to her songs quite some time ago since last year when she was just performing on small geeks, events, and so on. Her songs was introduced by my Malay friend which he played it on his car CD player.

One thing special about her is that she has this British accent on her vocals which I really like and fall in love with her songs for the very first time. As for now, you seen her upstage with her guitar. Composing her own songs, probably also has the best props for the whole event as well.

Kudos to YUNA.

Here comes Mizz Nina. What Chu What Chu Waiting for. ( Remixed Bootleg Version) song was performed. I love the remix so much I can die playing it on loop on my PC.

Also, there's Dance Battle performance. Entertaining Indeed.

Reaching to the end part of the event while waiting for Iyaz to come out. Here's a picture of me and the partner in crime, Joanne Kay. I have a cacat sick smile.

Iyaz in the house yo. He performed 3 songs - Solo, Replay and So Big in the end of the SHOUT! Awards. After which, the whole SHOUT! Awards ended.

Once again, I would like to Congratulate YUNA for winning 2 Break Out Award and Ultimate Shout Award on SHOUT! Awards 2010.

Anyway, here’s the complete list of the rest of the winners :

Break Out Award : Yuna
Ultimate ShoutAward : Yuna
Favourite TV Personality Award : Zizan Raja Lawak
Breakthrough Local Feature Award : Lagenda Budak Setan
Best Popstar Award : YunaPower Vocal Award : Faizal Tahir
Fresh TV Series Award : Nur Kasih
Favourite TV Program Award : Showdown 2010
Music Video Award : Bunkface
Best Rockstar Award : Bunkface
Flava Award : Mizz Nina
Hot Guy Award : Henry Golding
Hot Chick Award : Scha Al-Yahya
Coolest Radio Announcer Award : Phat Fabes ( Feel sorry for Jeremy from RED.FM )
Favourite Radio Show Award : Hot FM AM Crew
Best On-Screen Chemistry Award : Afdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Mobile Artiste of The Year Award : Sixth Sense

Thank you Celcom Xpax & SHOUT! Awards for the awesome night at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil! I is enjoyed. That's all for today.


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