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March 15, 2008

If we never meet again

It's time when in life, in a certain age, we'll be separating into different ways and direction of life. We'll meet new peoples, facing new things in life, new challenges, everything does changes. New friends come and the old ones are forgotten. My buddy was so worried we will never meet again or what so ever. Then she said, must sms, must msn, must call or what ever she said is a MUST!! LOL. I wonder if I will let go all my old friends when ever I've got new friends. LOL. Guess I'm not that evil laaa. So not to worry.

And not to forget for those who is going to National Service programme next Wednesday, wish ya'll good luck and all the best. Dun worry about getting bald for the guys, you'll look sexy like Shyne Ward. And no matter how far it is, some going to Sabah and Sarawak, you'll come back with great shape I'm sure about that. You'll absolutely look sexy with your tan skin. Or maybe for the guys, bring back a girl friend back from the camp. So long guys.

Friends, I'm wondering If we never meet again...... LOL

All also staying at KL only ma. I Need to chill myself up.

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