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March 22, 2008

Moment of truth

To Kenny Sia : Firstly, just wanna say sorry cause the tickets are all already sold out. If you are early then you could have got it. As now, it's kinda late to buy tickets already cause last minute booking doesn't really work.

Okay, Moment of truth. I've got the 5 tickets already and that cost freaking 1k for it, LOL was just a joke. It's RM25 each and the free T-shirts and caps are coming tomorrow delivered to my house. Hope it's kinda ''yeng" la. So it's all set for the raceday this Sunday. It's my first time though. XD million thanks to my company sponsorship tickets.

P/S: Hope KIMI Raikonen wins the Sepang Grand Prix this Sunday.
P/S: and who is going with me, please remember to wear red colour shirt.

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