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June 5, 2008

Recently. What Happened?

Recently, I felt that Im ma FACEBOOK addicts !!


This game called FFS ( Friend For Sale ) is getting famous among the people around me and it's seems to be fun! Everybody suddenly crazy about this application. They can even stay there 24 hours to keep on updating for every half an hour. Updating as in buying pets. Why pets? The concept of this game is like owning a friend of yours as your pet and it's of cause for sale. They worth a amount of money and we need to buy them in order to own them. Many controversy happened where pets were snatched here and there. Somehow it's kinda interesting game though. This game is just for own desire for satisfactory purposes only. Not as if the money is for real.

P/S : For those who haven start playing it in facebook, try it. It's up to you to decide weather it's nice or not.

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