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June 26, 2008

Metrobus terror

25 June 2008 - Jalan Ampang near China embassy. On the 11.20 a.m, a terror incident just happened in Metrobus (Public bus in K.L) where I was sitting beside an American lady who was been pick pocked by 5 Indonesian people. They was doing it together tho to get the American lady's wallet. At first, I was starring outside the widow peacefully, on my way to college. All in a sudden, some noise came behind me, I turned my head over, the American lady's shoulder have a big portion of saliva spitted by one of the Indonesian fella. While so, the indon fella asked the lady to take a piece of tissue to wipe off the stain. The lady then took out the tissue bag from her handbag where she whipped off the stain on her shoulder, while she was wiping it, the indon fella was like helping her to wipe but she insisted. While that process is on, without realizing, another indon fella took her purse in the lady's bag just like that. and job done! look how easy that was. Even me, I didn't realise it cause I was looking at the incident of the wiping thingy on the lady's shoulder. cause it's damn disgusting.

Suddenly, it's the climax part. One Chinese man who's age around 25. On his way to work. He did saw the incident where those indons attempt to picked pocked the lady's purse. Why he realised it? Because the incident before the lady was being picked pocket, those indons were aiming on that Chinese guy. They tried on him before but the Chinese man suspected something so he did avoid it by standing in the front area of the bus. And he was carrying a PDA phone. After that that Chinese man shouted " Pickpocket !! Pickpocket!! buka pintu suruh mereka turun !! " Everyone was stunned.
After that Chinese man shouted, those 5 indon fellas was disappointed cause he disturb them in their process. So what they did 3 of the indon fella belasah him! Punched, slap, and hit! right on the Chinese man face. A totally silence and terror incident happened and no one could manage to help that Chinese man.

The driver and co-drive cant do anything much. Even me, I wanted to help but I was defenseless. I can't be fighting them 1 on 5, right? Although I got my knife set inside my bag for my class later but I don't dare to do so. What if I killed someone? I would not want to commit a crime okayy. I all I can do is just sit and watch.

My full set knife set.

Ones everything finished, the bus stopped and they all get down and everything was like never happened. The lady beside me was in her tears, she is a lady for God sake. She can't even fight them. So, I was telling her about all these picked pocket stuff in Malaysia, often happened here. Asked he to be extra be careful next time because I experienced it before and I really not gonna let this happen again. Cause I was careless last time. And I asked her to log a police report nearby police station at City Square and told her that those Indons won't be going far away. So I gave her 10bucks in case of anything emergency. That's all I can give.

Well, not long later I had reached KLCC. I was confronting the Chinese man, asked him what he did saw and discuss about logging a report together but I have to rush to class at 1p.m. Then the Chinese man said never mind, let it be la. He was rushing to work also actually. I said to him, your such a brave man and sorry about ur face. his face damn superbly RED!! Ouch... We went our separate ways then. That's what had happened in Metrobus !!


Just a reminder before I end here and to everyone who is reading this. Yes, especially the girls. Very dangerous if you were alone being sardine squeeze in Metrobus. Choose a lesser people bus. A safer bus would be Rapid KL la but even Rapid KL bus also happened such cases, but seldom. So, better to be extra careful what ever bus you are riding. If see any suspicious people, especially the Indonesians people, better get off from that area. It never happened to you now but you'll never know later on.
Metrobus is a really dangerous bus to ride on. Take your own risk when you are about to ride on it. Even the bus conductor, look at his finger nails. Uhh man. It's a Gengster? Indon shit? Maybe. Well, we never know.

Beware people.....

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