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January 17, 2010

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night

It was last week, I attended this event happening at Modesto’s Hartamas for Astro B.yond bloggers night. Thanks to Jason Goh who registered for me. He's my man !

And yes, they've recently launched the first ever High-Definition (HD) broadcast in Malaysia and around 150 bloggers just were the first to witness Malaysia’s first HD television commercial on that day itself and it was really Crispy Crisp Crystal CLEAR and SHARP as well !

Currently Astro is providing 5 HD channels like ASTRO Supersport HD, ESPN HD, HBO HD, National Geographic HD and History HD.

Mr. Henry Tan. The Chief Operating Officer welcoming us bloggers and briefly introduced their new HD broadcast services.

The hensem bloggers from Advertlets! no need introduction right?

5 of us were in a group and tried our luck to win the prize which was the Astro Beyond set and 32" LG HDTV but we didn't manage to win in the end. It was someone else. We're almost there!

Stompers performance while we having our dinner.

Bloggers : Serge, Hitomi, Justin and myself.

HELLO WenPink the curry puff girl.

More group shots. Justin, Xiang, Jason, Myself, Wenpink, Jeffro and Joseph.

The man who made me got featured in the Star 2, Niki Cheong.

Massive group shot of US @ Astro B.yond bloggers night.


For more information, More photos of the event in the future.


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