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January 20, 2010

KL Dragons Vs Singapore Slingers

Last weekend, I manage to get myself into an indoor basketball court for the first time in my life @ Maba Stadium though me myself was a basketball player before. A brief history of mine, I played basketball outdoor till I was in form 1 till form 5. I was a shooting guard for my school team FYI. A great 3 point shooter. Till now, I totally STOPPED playing basketball. That's why you can see me CHUBBY/FAT now. But my passion towards basketball hasn't fade. I went to get trained to be a basketball referee. Funny ain't it ?

But still, I get paid to be a referee on highschool basketball matches. RM10 per game.

And yes, I went to watch this Asean Basketball League match anyway with Boss Joshlim, Rebecca, AmandaChoe, JerineLay and SamanthaKong! It was the KL Dragons Vs Singapore Slingers. I was there to support KL Dragons. Though this was my first time knowing that KL Dragons existed, still im proud to be a Malaysian to support them.

Jerine SAID : "In the beginning I didn't know which team to support. Later it turns out, the Dragons played better than the Slingers, so I supported the Dragons." ISH.

The Slingers jersey look like Lebron's team away jersey, Cleveland Cavaliers. Right ?

There's 2 imported blacks in the Dragons. That's why they played so well in terms on defensive / offensive part. Rebound, Center, Power Forward both blacks. Sure win larhhhh. While the Singaporeans, not much imported guys. All from Singapore. They did not played very well compared to the Dragons. Their 3 point shooters are da BOMB, they can really score in critical situations.

Joshlim was so obsessed with those cheerleaders who came out every break time form each teams. LOL.

The Crowd. Spot Amandachoe, Joshlim, Jerine and Samantha.

One of the imported blacks in the Dragons in action.

NO. 20 dude was the best 3 pointer shooter for that day from the Dragons. He scored almost more than 5-7 times personally.

AS you can see, the Dragon players love to take risk, chances to cut in the basket and score. Even the Slingers can't get to defend well. The Slingers, they're also quite clumsy, one of the player fell down three times while dribbling the ball. Aiks. LOL

KL Dragons FTW. They won the Slingers by 7 points. Final Score 78-71.

Met Daphne Iking as well. after the game.

I was a Houston Rockets and Lakers supporters in NBA. lol. This time, damn semangat supporting the Dragons. LOL

Camwhore first before we head home.

HAHA the moment of truth. This is ME when I was in form 5 playing @ St.John's.

OMGG Damn SLIM right ?! I miss the old me. Seriously wei.


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