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January 30, 2010

M.C ASIA Music Factory - The Creation

It was last Saturday, there's this Music Conference Asia happening @ KL Live Centre. I went there to rave with a few friends. Thanks to Jon Yalkult for the passes. lol. It was Richard Durand and Sean Tyas doing their thing as a DJ. Very well known DJ's. Overall, the night was very happening. The place was fully packed. It was a sucessful event.

Registering counter.

Samantha and Myself.

It's DJ Richard Durand !

Look at the crowd. Awesome ! but too packed.

Woo someone's recording it ! I did tried recording it with my D300s as well ! Check it out at the end of this post.

It's Jonykt the one who took all these shots. He's a big fan it seems.

the 2 girl beside Jonykt is his FANS. LOL

Adil's and his friends.

Previous M.C Asia event. Amanda and Tracy and friends.

Tracy Siow. I always see her in M.C Asia. Never fail.

Anyway this is my 1st ever video I posted using my D300s. The sound was quite bursting because I was too near the speaker.

Sean Tyas on stage.

Up next, pictures of the MagicWok Restaurant continues.


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