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April 1, 2010

Lotus F1 Launch, Pavilion Malaysia

Lotus Racing Homecoming.

2 days ago, I was invited by Advertlets and join Tune Hotel company to attend the Lotus F1 Press Conference happening at Pavilion Shopping Mall. Me as a formula 1 fan, I was quite exited about this because finally, Malaysia had finally put themselves into the international stage whereby they are having their own F1 car. Check this out.

Take a look of that. And I realize that a lot of sponsors from our country is on the Lotus f1 car such as Tune Hotel Group, Naza, Maxis, Proton, 1 Malaysia etc. We, as Malaysians should be proud of it.

Heikki Kovalainen, Jarno Truli alongside with Malaysian driver, Fairuz Fauzy are the drivers for Lotus F1 team.

The Advertlets bloggers with the singer/actor/host Jason Lo.

Press Conference in progress. Interviewing the big shots people in Lotus F1 company.

YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad are there to officiate the Lotus F1 car.

Lotus F1 roadshow models in the house. They were just in front of our table when we were having lunch @ Dome after the press conference.

Satria Neo R3. Damn nice I'm gonna drive that home.

Finally, this is what i went there for.

Anyway, F1 Malaysia Grand Prix is gonna be happening @ Sepang this weekend. I don't think I will be going because I went there before and experience everything and probably was my last time im going there. Don't quite like the jams and the crowd. I rather sit in front of the TV and watch. Is way better!

I don't support any team right now since Kimi Raikonen is out from Ferrari team. And this year Lotus f1 came in. So I guess I will be supporting Lotus f1 team. Heikki has real potential because he drove a Mclaren car last year. And he did quite well. The question now is weather he can do the same in Lotus car? @Australian Grand Prix he did quite well but not top 3. I need to see their faces at the winning podium. Top 3 at least.

To all Malaysians F1 fans, support Lotus f1 team larhhh... 1 Malaysia. lol


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