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April 22, 2010

Nightmare of Elm Street & Bounty Hunter Movie Screening

On behalf of we present you 2 movie screenings this 11 MAY 2010. Nightmare of Elm Street & Bounty Hunter. I CAN'T announce this to everyone single one of u by tweets about this cause I want every single one of you to know the details properly. Do take note that i will be taking over rebecca's task by handling all this.

Anyway, there's bad news and there's good news as well ! The good news is we gonna have 2 movie screenings. YAY! and the bad news is, both movies happening at the same time, BUT different venue =(

Advertlets screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street, details below:

Date: 11 May 2010, (Tuesday)
Time: 8 pm (come on time to register/ ticket of collection)
Venue: GSC Mid Valley, Hall 3 (170 SEATS)

Movie Trailer.

and the next one is.....

Basically, we've got only 50 tickets for Bounty Hunter which is happening on the same date/ same time as Nightmare of Elm Street BUT different venue. So, we have to separate some of the bloggers (50 Bloggers) to watch Bounty Hunter as well. If you all don't mind not to join the bigger crowd @ Mid Valley for Nightmare of Elm street. Nobody will stop you if you really want to watch Bounty Hunter and join the smaller crowd @ E@Curve.

The Bounty Hunter movie for @Advertlets bloggers, details below:

Date: 11th May 2010 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.30pm (movie), 8:30 PM (collection of ticket)
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, E@Curve (50 SEATS)

Movie Trailer.

PS : Im looking forward for a proper blog write up after the movie. As you may include details about the how you think about the movie, movie review what and all it's up to you. Remember to post up some pictures as well about the movie and not to forget your camho/groupshots/dinner photos as well.

Do help to accomplish this for me so we'll have more free movie screenings in da future!

Any inquires Pls DM/Reply me @ OR comment in this blog post.

Leave a comment if you're interested on either one of movie above ! TQ.

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