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April 25, 2010

YinXie Bday !

A bunch of close friends celebrated a surprise b'day for @yinxiechew yesterday @ D’Italiane Kitchen Sunway Giza Shopping Mall. Lemme have a rough guess, I think she turned 22 this year. How im gonna describe her. She's very sweet, very caring, i felt happiness, so comfy when she around. She cheers everyone!

Special thanks to the boyf Ewin for inviting me and organizing this. Such a sweet couple they are. both shooo CUTE shoo Funny! Very rare to find such couple around :)

Yes itz the trademark #yinxieday. Photos time.

Happy bday Yinxiechew.

A photo with her. haha i like her laaa. seriously.

Hello new friends of Ewin and Yinxie. Jing Shern, Edmun and Evie.

The trio girls. kim yinxie and adele.

This photo damn nice right ! hahaha. Blup blup.

Final group photo from His TM camho! awesomeness.

Once again HAPPY B'DAY YINXIE ! hope you had a great and memorable one. xx


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