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April 14, 2010

#mynjayzday celebration

AS many as 30 Bloggers and close Ampang friends turn up for my B'day celebration last Saturday. Happening @ Fullhouse Lifestyle Cafe Sunway Pyramid. Firstly, thanks to Fullhouse for the venue and the food tasting promotions. Joshlim for sponsoring as well. Rebecca for assisting me on this. Thanks jeremy for being my Official photographer for the night and of cause all of you 30 people who turned up for my big day. what more can I say?

THANKYOU SO MUCH guys! means a lot to me.

Here are some photos from that night!

Courtesy of

TCmaine. happened to be the best dress girl on that night. Obviously im the best dress guy la. LOL chill.

This photo is damn nice i like the lightnings. Vivian, Jason, Ewin, YinXie, Myself, Ellie, Bryan and AngelKein.

The Ampang GANG! Thanks for coming. Kim, Elaine, Vicky, Joshua, Myself, Jaecent, Serra, Vivian and Suetmei. Not to forget Justine Ong as well !

A photo with ze girls. PIMP sial. lol hello Advertlets girls.

Certainly, im not selfish. I will also remember the batangs of cause. Hello Advertlets guys.

Aww a group photo. Woots I love them all ! You guys made my day, you guys rocks!

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Oh well, a lot of them can't make it as well. I wished they were there but oh wells. It's Saturday night, everyone has their own plan for sure. But thanks to these bunch of friends.

U've made my 20th B'day a memorable one.

More photos coming up soon. ASAP wait for next post. Cheers!


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