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June 20, 2010

Super GT 2010 (Malaysia)


Phew, I just got back from the Super GT International Series at Sepang International Circuit (Malaysia). This was my first time going to Super GT. Thanks to Datin HanieHidayah for sponsoring me tickets. Was pretty exited about it of cause. Though I've been to F1 for 3 times already, still cannot beat Super GT. And for sure people don't really come here for the cars but for the race queens! Oh yeahhh you know what im talking about. They flew all the way from JAPAN yao. Cause Japan is famous on you know what....

Well, also not to forget the local girls as well. They're quite hot too! Here are some photos for you to judge.

The ladies from Denso. Suphie, Meiyan and Cindy. Who said they are not hot?

Proceed to the ladies at Toyota booth.

And here's my ticket entry for the Grandstand. My first time entering there. *HAPPY*

Oh I bought a Super GT shirt as well. Just to support my friend!

Here's the part where all of us get to see the Japan GT queens! They are treated like a VVVIP. Their fame is even better than the car drivers. I don't know why. Is it because they're super freaking blazing hot that all the guys will worship them and get treated that way?

I guess it should be...

Woo look at all the hamsap guys. ratio of 99% male and 1% female right there.

Yes I must agree that they're blazing hot. I think my shirt was white before and it turned RED! look at em, Ohhhlala MAMASITA!

Okay, let's get some focus on what's going on the track. HOT girls comes with FAST cars!

Fast cars on the track! Getting ready to start. Spotted Jane and Yvonne on the track as well as our Malaysia grid queens.

For your information, Calsonic Impul team won the Malaysian round of Super GT Championship 2010. BTW, panning shot failed.

Last but not least, here's the BEST part of all.

A camho photo with the HOT Japan GT Queen from ZENT team. Look at me, I bleed till I got myself RED all over...

Alright that's all for today. Super GT 2010 Part #1 done. Pls do come back tomorrow for more photos. Will be posting 5 blog post of this. Trust me, I bet you don't wanna miss all of it!

Arigato gozaimas........


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