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September 7, 2010

Speed Trap Kena Kantoi and Police Taking Bribe

Encountered an interesting road block earlier today #KLRB at the usual stretch just b4 Kerinchi Link ramp from Mont Kiara. Raya is around the corner, so the police is looking some extra duit raya lorh. If you realize, there a guy under the bridge with a speedgun catching speed demons. Even before you're at Hartamas area, there's a CCTV to catch speed demons.

Okay here's the story on what happened to me earlier this afternoon.

I was on my way to office at 11.30am. Driving a Black Lancer Waja. Driving from Duke highway to Mont Kiara exit. Passed by Mont Kiara highway I know that there will be always a roadblock. Everyday I passed by that road and I never kena stopped once. As you can see, the BIG warning sign stated very clearly to drive 80km/h speed limit on that stretch. Yes I think I wasn't driving very fast. I was driving around 80-90 in between on the fast lane.

What happen was, there's this Gold Audi A4 behind me kissing my ass when I was driving slow around 80-85km/h. Was quite stress by then because there's cars on the middle lane as well. Till when I reached the slope down and by the end of it, my car will easily going on 100km/h, even if I let it roll with without breaking. I tried breaking it till 85-90km/h. Trying hard to maintain it 80-85km/h. As you know my car doesn't have a digital meter. So i can only do a rough count.

As I thought I was safe when I passes the roadblock. They asked me to STOP my car aside!

I was like WHAT? ME? OKAY... So I stopped. OMG F*** kena Kantoi !

This is my conversation with the POLICEMAN. ( I'm just writing based on my personal experience )

ME: Petang, Encik.

ENCIK: Tunjuk Lesen Memandu

ME: Takes out license from wallet.

U pergi mana? dari mana?

ME: I was thinking of answering him ( Pergi Depan, Dari mana? Dari Belakang lo ) LOL But hell no! I don't wanna piss him off can? So I told him I was from Ampang going to PJ for WORK.

ENCIK: U pandu berapa laju tadi?

ME: Ermm ( in my mind, I think I drove a lil over cause the damn Audi kissed my ass earlier ) So I don't wanna say i drove 80km/h. They're not stupid. They won't stop me for nothing. I told him around 80-90km/h. Tadi ada sloop dan kereta Audi belakang ikut dekat sangat....

Tapi U pandu 93km/h. Masih Melanggar Had laju. (So he wrote the summon and asked me) Saman Rm300 ringgit. Saman akan bill ke rumah U buat rayuan la.

ME: I was like WHAT? 93km/h??? RM300? (Being straight to the point I know that the police wants duit raya cause its so common nowadays. I know its illegal but what to do? I think they're expecting me to pay.) I said to him I X nak saman boleh? Saya bayar U sekarang.

X mau saman den U mau bayar saya berapa?

(dammit I have Rm150 in my wallet) I said : Cheapskit a bit I said Rm30 boleh? Saya masih student working part time saje Encik.... Bukannya saya pandu 100 lebih kan. 93km/h ENCIK!!!! Sikit perbezaan jer tu. Kereta belakang saya tu lahh pandu dekat sangat... You saman dia laa.

Macam ni a? (He kinda speechless already) Ok la ok la. Rm30 la. Diam diam bagi jangan bagi orang tengok.

WHF? (jangan bagi orang tengok?) I take out money show high high the Rm50 ringgit note out the window.... (He pushed my hand down back in the car!) LOL.

Jangan tunjuk orang laaa. U bagi Rm50, X ade duit pecah!

Macam mana? I ada Rm50 sahaja. (I have Rm5, RM1 in my car for toll purposes I wanted to tell him whether he wants or not but don't want la. later kena diu)

(Thinking, looking around..... ) Finding for solution.

X pe la Encik... 93km/h saja.... Lepas la Encik. Student saja Encik.

Ok la Ok la. Pergi laaa. (I dont know what happened to the summon now, but he said something about the summon but i can't get what he said) I think it's issued. Not sure though.

Terima Kasih Encik.... OK Thank God. faster ciao.

(On the other hand, I think when he checked my road tax and car number plate : Writing details on the summon paper is a FAKE action) Guess he never wrote anything. But purpose is just to collect money form us. He was wanting to write that summon but he did not? I don't know.....

(Bribe the police? You will be prosecuted) But i never pay him anything. So I'm not afraid to post this up. summon mail to my house, and I will pay :)

I drove off and totally wanna write this on my blog and here you go!

In conclusion....

You tell me, are the police nowadays doing the right thing or we, never follow the speed limits? OR either way? If they were to summon us, but still, we don't wanna pay that much as Rm300! or paying the police for not to issue us a summon us is a better solution cause we break the rules and violated the speed limit? I don't know. You tell me what you think?

I read Niki Cheong's Entry about the same case as well. But he did not bribe the police. He asked him to JUST " TULIS SAJA" lol. and ended up paying the summon for only Rm150. A better deal cause bribing is illegal right???

But why does bribing is still happening these days and they have a ANTI Rasuah badge on their uniform? Wadss diss?

A policeman at the Kuala Lumpur traffic police headquarters showing off his anti-corruption badge with the words `Saya Anti Rasuah' (I'm against graft) while his colleague (behind) pastes an anti-corruption sticker on a motorcycle. Police now have to wear the badges as part of a campaign to wipe out corruption in the police force.

He said all state and district police contingents were also provided with four types of banners – Polis Bermaruah Tanpa Rasuah (Honourable police above corruption), Jangan Memberi Dan Menerima Rasuah (Don’t give and take bribes), Rasuah Polis? Anda Akan Didakwa (Bribe the police? You will be prosecuted) and Rasuah Membawa Padah (Corruption does not pay).

They did a (cheramah) workshop to train those policeman on how to bribe people isit? Their way of talking style is exactly the same to everyone. This corruption can't be happening! Outside country will NEVER have this kinda thing like RAHUAH (bribing).

On Youtube you can find all sorts of video. SOLID PROOF on Policeman in Malaysia bribing those speed demons. If they dont offer, they will wait for you to offer! I kinda agree on Niki Cheong's post, Saying that : Issue a summon laaa. tulis lahhh! I can pay Rm15o rather than to accept the bribe.

Adapted from the Star in year 2005.

KUALA LUMPUR: Policemen must now wear button badges with the words Saya anti-rasuah (I'm against graft) inscribed on them or face the wrath of the top brass.

This is part of a campaign to wipe out corruption in the police force.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Musa Hassan said disciplinary action would be taken against any police personnel who failed to pin the button badge above his or her nametag.

“All police contingents have been issued with the button badges, as well as car stickers with words Lapor Jika Ada Rasuah (Report if there is corruption) for Mobile Patrol Vehicles.

“With the badges and stickers prominently visible, we hope the public will not be party to corrupt practices,” he said.

Musa, who was wearing the button badge, said about 50,000 badges and stickers had been distributed to all the contingents so far.

He said all state police chiefs and Officers in Charge of Police Districts must make sure that they and their men pin the badges on their uniforms.

He said the anti-corruption campaign would be a permanent feature in the police force, and advised all personnel to serve with integrity.

“We are here to serve and protect the public, especially the victims, and we must do it with sincerity. We must not give in to greed.

“The public can and should remind policemen that corruption is an offence and that they (the public) do not condone bribery.

“If anyone has any information that our men are on the take or have demanded kickbacks to prevent action from being taken, they can write to me or contact me, and provide details of the alleged offence as well as the names of the policemen,” he added.

The deputy IGP also warned the public against attempting to bribe his men. He said police were aware of such cases and would not hesitate to haul the culprits to court.

Those with information on corruption can contact

the police at 03-2262 6555, 03-2262 7555 or 03-2031 9999.

Oh well, Should I CALL ?????


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