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March 1, 2010

END of CNY '10

It's Chap Goh Meh and CNY is finally OVER. It has been the best CNY so far for me. I enjoyed very much visiting houses, getting lots of angpows and most importantly winning the most money this year. Can't wait for next year !

Here are some of the photos taken in my friends open house including mine.

@Ewin's house !

We ate Nian Gao ! damn nice to eat with coated grated coconut.

Potrait shot of us @Ewin's house

Me, my brothers and my cousins! The pretty girls.

Had many lousang's this year!

CNY dinner @Jaecent's house! Chicken wings damn nice.

@Steven Cheam's house! My ex-primary school teacher teaches me music in pink !

Bainin @ my place.

@Bryanlyt's house.

@smashpOp's house.

Finally @ my place again.

PS : Mostly all bloggers friends and Ampang people in the photos.

We had damn lotsa fun. Lotsa photos. Angpow opened and used up all. OMG. More photos to be posted up soon ! That's all for now.


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