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March 5, 2010

Magic Night At Zouk

It was last Saturday, got invited by Jonykt to ZOUK to take some shots of Zlwin doing magic. You heard it right, Jonykt invited me. A 15 year old kid. Amazing huh this young man. I wish I entered ZOUK with that age. Salvation! I can learn how to fish chick in such young age. Anyway, Kim wei wei tag along as well with newly met friend, Surong which also aged as young as 17 only. Well for me, im 20 this year. Acceptable larh.

Speaking of magic in ZOUK, did you know that Zouk KL is the only club in KL and Malaysia that has a resident magician. Which is a friend of mine, Zlwin. A very experience and yet awesome magician I've known. Apart from David Lai the mentalist ! Also, Ever heard of ZOUK cafe, The Gardens? He claimed that he may be working there soon.

Lets proceed to the photos taken that night!

Jonykt, Kimweiwei, Nice to meet you Surong and myself.

The lovely Kimweiwei.

Zlwin the official magician in ZOUK doing his thing. What's he doing is a fork trick. Which he can bend it without using any strength but only using his mental physic power. LOL.

Same applied to this spoon trick. Amazing !

Magic tricks involving money, poker cards as well ! Certainly the crowd loves his magic. Well, at least some entertainment while the people is having fun in ZOUK apart from drinking and dancing.

Some of them cannot believe nor accept the fact that he could do that. Even myself ! Im trying hard to figure the trick behind that magic trick but I've no clue at all !

We did covered area such like Zouk Mainroom, Velvet Underground, Phuture, Barsonic. The major Happening locations.

Surong friends was there as well. Which I didnt get their names at all.

Vodka lime for starter! Group shot after we've done everything before we start Clubbing.

And Tequila for dessert !

Find Zlwin if you need to hire a magician! He's good, seriously. More photos coming up in da future ! That's all for now. kthxbai.

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