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March 9, 2010

Itz Yvonne's V@MP Boutique

Nowadays purchasing items like dresses, skirts, cloths, blouses, accessories in the web is a IN thing! In a way, I shall call it online shopping. There's many types of blogshop out there, very competitive. Thus, Shopaholic Rejoice! Now, many young potentials are opening their own boutique selling items though online, to earn some side income. Well, it's easier for people to browse through and place their order in just one click away. No more window shopping in shopping malls!

A good friend of mine, college mate YvonneLee ; just started a Blogshop called V@MP Boutique. Not gonna expect much from it because its NEW. But one thing I inspire the most from it is that she model her self apparel so that shoppers could have a clearer and better picture of how the apparel would look like on a human's body. It's a very good idea thou that not many would dare to do that. Or maybe wearing shades would at least cover up who's behind it. Since Yvonne was a model before, guess she wouldn't mind. In fact, this way it could able to push more sales!

A collage compilation of herself with the items she's selling.

Look though properly and you'll realize that those photos taken in those outfit are awesome! Of cause, looks gorgeous and sexy larhhh. Indeed looks professional to me.

HAHA. This photo was taken quite long ago! So now do me a favor, visit her Blogshop and help to purchase something for her alright? =)


Her Facebook Fan page of VMP Boutique to view all her items.

Last but not least, her Blogshop website.
V@MP Boutique BLOG


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