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May 10, 2010

Eucerin Aquaporin Launch

This event is mainly for the lady bloggers in advertlets. I was there just to do my job as an photographer to snap snap since no one is covering the event. And It was Eucerin Aquaporin new product Launch. 20 young female bloggers were there to listen and do a review for it !

Well, I can do myself a review as well on a guy's opinion but I shall pass since it's mainly for ladies. Now, let the photo speaks.

Event happening @ Delicious Marc Residence.

The girls are getting their massage from them. *Looks at Michelle Lee* lol

Group shot of one of the table. Hanie, Shereen, Amanda, Ellie, Michelle and Bridget.

Press conference.

launching their new product. Girls out there should try! gave quite a good feedback tho.

Don't believe? They had on the spot demonstration to prove it to the audience how good is da product which can change your skin PH instantly.

Another group shot from the other table. Shereen, heidi, Dila, Rebecca, Chammaine, Josh and Michelle.

Everyone of us. HAHA I must be in the photo as well.

Google "Eucerin" to check out the rest of the girls blog post about this product. amazingly everyone's blog post is there! And not to forget, Eucerin webpage.

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