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May 8, 2010

Foam Party @ Envy Club

Last 2 week ago. I went to this foam Party happening @ Envy Club, Mont Kiara. Known as the THE BIGGEST WILD & WET PARTY in TOWN! Friend, Adelechow was the ambassador for that event so i went there to support her, at the same time to experience the atmosphere clubbing in da foam ! You should try experience it as well.

with me was Jonathan boy with da DSLR as a last min photog. Here are some photos taken that night.

Entrance. Envy Club. Getting ready for the foam party.

This was how packed when I entered. people with foam. I foresee this could be FUN !

With the usual Jason Vandal doing his job as an MC.

I came with long pants and shirt. wasn't planning to get in until I observed how high it was getting inside. lol. They seems to have a lot of fun.

Okay and I went in. Finally. and with a picture with a random chick.

Chicks with bikini in da foam. woot.

These girls came to me and wanting to take a photo with me. Are they paid to do so? im not sure.

With Adelechow. credits to Jonykt for snapping.

Anyway, here's a short video I took for this foam party. To give u a picture how does it looks like.

Awesome ain't it? Den you wouldn't wanna miss the next foam folic party @ Envy Club. More information, events and happenings @ Envy Facebook fan page.


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