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May 18, 2010

Toy Story 3 in 3D Media Screening

Once again, on behalf of, we are giving away 25 movie premiere tickets exclusive for Advertlets bloggers! This premiere is only for chosen Advertlets bloggers which are loyal to us (which is why this is not on the Advertlets website) Puan Sri Rebecca style :)

One thing special about this event is they are getting Woody & Buzz all the way from HK for meet & greet & photo op session. And of cause, you get to watch it earlier than anyone else. Woots.

Advertlets Media Screening Toy Story 3 in 3D, details below:
Date : 11 June 2010, (Friday)
Time : 4-5 pm ( Launch - Toy Story characters meet & greet session, chillaxing, take photos )
Movie : 6pm Toy Story 3 in 3D Special Screening.
Venue : GSC Mid Valley

Adv Bloggers:

1. Heidi Tan
2. Botakai
3. Ridzuan Richie
4. Ewin Ee
5. Bryan LYT
6. JonYKT
7. FeeQ
8. Ellie Chee
9. Amanda Choe
10. Eu Veng
11. TC maine
12. Wen Pink
13. Dila Ariff
14. Justin Hee
15. Azrin Arizz
16. Smashpop
17. JeremyBboyrice
18. AugustineStyle
19. Nigel Tee
20. Michelle Lee
21. Brendan Lee
22. Angel Kein
23. Sham Hardy
24. Hanie Hidayah
25. Josh Lim
26. Jason Ong
27. Leonard Chua
28. RameStudios

NOTE : Invites are only available 1 ticket for each ADV blogger. Guest/ friends/ relative etc are not entertain. PLS Comment at this post if you are available or not. If you're not able to make it, I will allocate your tickets to other ADV bloggers which would want to join us for the screening.

PS : Im looking forward for 1 proper blog post about the movie review after the movie. As you may include details about the how you think about the movie, the cast and all it's up to you. At least 150-300 words long with your opinion on the movie. Remember to post up some pictures as well about the movie and not to forget your camho/groupshots/dinner photos as well (if you want to).

As usual, do help me to accomplish this for me so we'll have more free movie screenings in the future!

Thank You so Much and I shall hear from you soon!


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