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May 12, 2010

What's Happening Lately !

Currently, I think I've not much time to blog already since im quite busy these days. Lack of sleep everyday but i pretty enjoyed much what im having now. Here's just a few updates what's happening lately. :) i'll let the photos do the talking ya.

it's Digital Wednesday @ Bar Savanah too Mont Kiara with da team. The ones I always see EVERYDAY! nobody nobody but you clap clap* everyday. hahahaha.

Finally get to play with the new iPad. Damn syoik. And i think they gonna sponsor us one. Soon enough that thing will arrive.

Tried the MEGAMAC which was too MEGA for me and I cant finish it but manage to stuff everything into my stomach. Bloated after that. For big eaters only ! hahah.

Advertlets movie premiere screening of Nightmare On Elm Street @ Mid Valley yesterday.

A bunch of us went Molten Lava for a food testing session @ 1U ! Thanks Botakai for the invite.

Happy Birthday to JoeyHui ! Oh yes they're one of the 2 18 Miss Universe Malaysia finalist, Dalvin and Joey @ Maison. Ladies Night!

last but not least, I can't wait for this event. Itz 7ASTE event this Firday! Visit their Facebook page for more info! It's gonna be a great night yo. See u all invited people there. :)

Till Then peeps. Will blog again soon ! Perhaps tomorrow.

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