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August 31, 2008

Malaysia 51th Independance Day

Happy 51th independence day, Malaysia!

This year it seems that the feeling of patriotism is not that strong after the previous 50th Merdeka that was on last year. Last year merdeka was a blast! Cause it's the 50th. I don't know whats the reason our desire towards patriotism this year is no longer in us where by we are more exited for MIFC at Putrajaya, Avril Lavigne's concert, 4th myJAYsian anniversary rather than looking forward on our own 51th Merdeka day? Totally no idea. LOL. Last year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of mistakes that the nations had done by choosing the wrong political base party ruling that is based on race, color and religion. This year, 51 mark the new beginning for Malaysia. This year is going to change…! Malaysia will strive towards civilization, humanity and equality! Woots.


Happy 51th Independence day, Malaysia. Still proud to be one. Am looking forward for Malaysia's 100th Independence day. Where I will be 67 years old by then. lol.

To the malays. Selamat meyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke 51 dan selamat meyambut ramadhan. LOL.

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