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August 6, 2008

Desperatation !

As you can see my new header. Woots. It's a canon 400D that does not even belong to me. All buat muka just for the sake of the photo. And suddenly I thought, when can I get my own DSLR. I know I haven't study much about it. But ya know people around me did poisoned me and influence me into all these stuff. So can't blame it.


Yeah. I did discussed with my mum about it and she agreed to pay for it as a loan. But in 1 condition. She will let me have it in this coming Christmas ! wtf. She said do more study and research first on which is the best and worth buying.

If u all out there who is willing to spit your knowledge out here I don't mind !
Budget RM2000+

P/S : I'm seriously desperate for it

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