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December 1, 2008

1er décembre 08

Hé les gars, il est 1er Décembre et aujourd'hui je décide d'écrire un peu de français dans ce post juste pour montrer un peu. lol. Eh bien, comme vous le savez je vais bientôt à la France, afin S'il vous plaît, priez pour mon voyage sûr il y bien! Merci beaucoup !

Don't understand ? Google translate it !

Today we shall learn a lil bit of basic French. cool ? Here's a short convo.

Hello / good morning = bonjour
How are you ? = comment allez-vous
I am fine, thank you = Je vais bien, merci
I am a Malaysian = je suis un malaisien
My name is Bruno = je m'appelle Bruno
What are you doing ? = que fais-tu ?
I am playing Facebook = Je joue Facebook
Okay, have fun ! = Bon, amusez-vous bien !
Good night = bonne nuit

French pronunciation is totally different from English. It sounds different !

And also recently, I've watched this movie called " Taken " that was filmed in Paris. An action, crime and thrilling movie. It is rated 18SG in Malaysia and PG-13 in America for intense sequences of violence, disturbing thematic material, sexual content, some drug references and language. The movie has English, French and Albanian language spoken. I can say that this movie seriously entertains me. Although the whole movie is quite predictable to me. But who cares. it Rocks !

Personally, I rate this movie 8/10. A must watch movie. Go download it NOW ! Especially the girls Guys. You'll surely love this movie. Not to say the girls can't watch lar. It's more to a guys movie. =)

Okay I guess that is all for today ! there's more to come.

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