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December 23, 2008

Vivian's 18th Bday # Part 1

Finally im back. and it was Vivian's 18th Birthday 3 days ago. And what we did was we decide to give her a surprise ! and it turn out quite a successful one. We celebrate it at Aeon Setiawangsa, Izzi. Yes again. Because it's cheap for 12 people ! Well, before that, I wanna thanks those who attended her party on that night. Serra, Elaine, Cheng Wen, Suetmei, Vivian, Bryan, Joshua, Jason, Eway, Paul and myself. Without you all I guess it wasn't that HAP at all.

My Birthday Present for her 18th Legal Birthday. A bottle of Chivas. LOL.

Special thanks also to Jason Theng, Serra, Eway, Haithal, Joshua, and Suetmei. I will mention what they did. Izzi dinner bill was on Jason Theng. Serra for sponsoring the birthday cake and the mixer. Eway who sponsor petrol, and lunch for the driver. Haithal for the night aftermath foods and drinks at 7-Eleven. Joshua for the beer and lastly Suetmei for sponsoring the apartment suite for us to stay over and some other chip in she gave!

Did I mentioned that we ALL stayed over at Suetmei's suite for some session after the celebration?! LOL. Well Stay Tuned for Vivian's 18th Bday # Part 2.

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