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December 18, 2008

Welcome Back !

Yeah finally I'm back in action.

Firstly, I had changed my blog header. It's simple yet nicee. Got the inspiration from my cousin blog. Credits to her, Kellie. She even taught me damn lots of basic Photoshop skills. Hurm, speaking of my cousins, lol. They came by my place and stay over for like almost 1 week ! 5 days to be precise. And believe it or not, we covered every single shopping mall in the Klang Valley and Selangor in within that period. Same goes to my Rm300. Burned off just like that. Take note. It's all spend on food and leisure ! No shopping at all !

Well in these 5 days, I really took a lotttttt of photos. Roughly about 1K photos? Guess there will be at least 10 pending post for me for now. Will slowly post it one by one soon. Anyway I had lotsa fun with them ! and this is what I call HOLIDAYS ! Oh ya Christmas is around the corner and lotsa plan coming in. ENDLESS ! money had become a major factor now.

And did I mentioned that I'm gonna start with my flickr photo stream soon ? yeah man. Finally I'm doing something useful here. Apart from just simply snapping around and stalking people with my 55-200mm lens. lol. HAHA. A compilation photo before I end this post. My lovely cousins.


Well that's all for today. Oh and my blog is still snowing ~ Good night folks.

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