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December 4, 2008

Permet de manger

Permet de manger means let's EAT ! This was a pending post since the early of November 2008. lol. Just want to update everyday since it's holiday now. Yeah Foods again right on your face ! Photos taken using Ashley. She had done a great job all these while. Enjoy~



Menu description 1 : Stew supreme cut chicken with turned carrots and broccoli serve with potato chips. Look at those chips below.. Argh !

Menu description 2 : Roasted lamb with ham wrapped with puff pastry served with special sauce. Comes with 2 side dishes, mash potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

LOL. I doubt you're not hungry by now. Anyway there's a lot more pending post and photos to be posted up but am lazy. Currently watching movies and home experimental cooking had become my first priority hobby ! Stay tune tomorrow.

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