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December 2, 2008

J'aime Alcool

J'aime Alcool means I love alcohol in French. My cousin was posting about this too and now its my turn ! haha. Quoted from her "drinking isnt bad. just don't get drunk". lol.

The interesting thing is how good are you in drinking? HAHA. Usually I don't drink till one day...... haha long story. Anyway I ain't much a good drinker but I accept challenges when comes to drinking. How about you? haha.

I love alcohol. Bought this shirt with my cousin Kellie ! Yeah, we MUST wear this together one day !

Remember this photo? lol. A collection of Mr Wayne's. Took this at his room. He can be a supplier of liquor.

Wines ! I don't quite fancy drinking wine but these two bottle of wine and cooking wine really enhance the dishes in my cooking. HAHA.

Remember Serra's b'day? We drank quite a lot of beers ! till my stomach bloated. Well, I don't quite like the bitterness taste of the beer. But Hoegarden beer was not bad though. very smoothing. from Scottish.

Somehow I like this photo very much. All the different types of Jonnie Walker liquor. Red label, black label, blue label, green label. etc you name it. Of all the odds, I didn't knew there were so many of them. I only tried black label so far. Call me newbie. lol. Well photo was taken in Langkawi ! tax free.

Extra craps information...

A lil about alcohol. An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol. Alcoholic beverages are divided into three classes. beers, wines and spirits known as liquor. So yeah. Beer involves a short fermentation process and a short aging process, resulting in an alcohol content of only 4%–6%. Wine involves a longer fermentation process and a long aging process that results in an alcohol content of 9%–16%. Liquor is an unsweetened, distilled, alcoholic beverages that have an alcohol content of at least 20%.

lameo. Movie marathon today ! yay.

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