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December 8, 2009

Dating Jojo Struys

It's Jojo Struys !

I remember, when I was young around 9 years old. I can recall, it was the comedy sitcom called "KOPITIAM" that was when I first saw her on TV. Alongside with Douglas Lim and so on. They were still young at that moment, so am I. And since then, I watch that sitcom every week never miss and I started to love it. Also started dreaming of wanting to meet her personally in person. but that dream was barely possible.

And now, it's like a dream come true. Im dating Jojo Struys ! *laughs*

A friend of mine said, it's something like the next episode of alpha project. Kononya.

and she actually loves to pose a lot while taking photo. just joining the fun.

Camho together. Oh well, I like her because she had a classic shiny black hair !

She was actually quite a good person to talk to. Topics especially in fashion, modeling, hosting, acting or perhaps LOVE. She's definitely the right person to talk to. I myself got quite a few tips from her as well about fashion.

Well, to be honest, I wasn't actually dating her. Opps. It was from MySimplifieds Community Meet-Up event @ San Fransisco Steak House. Chills. She was invited by them to give a talk and share with us her tips on fashion & beauty. Cause I told her I was there just to see her. She laughs and so, that's where I started to crap about me dating Jojo. *laughs*

Anyway what's next ?

MySimplifieds Community Meet-Up @ San Fransisco Steak House.


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