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December 24, 2009

House Of Buffet Food Tasting

Just came back from House of Buffet Food Tasting @ beside Low Yat Plaza for the bloggers to try out their food to do a food review in their blogs. Thanks SmashpOp for the invitation and YES we had a fun night eating buffet style!

House Of Buffet. You can find this place right just beside Loy Yat Plaza. Just opened few days ago.

The bloggers who came. This is just part of it. In total around 25 people.

Im a very particular person when comes to having a buffet dinner. If it's expensive like Tenji or Jogoya, then surely I will go for it even though it's gonna burn a hole in my pocket. But House Of Buffet price were actually not bad. The buffet is RM55 for lunch, RM65 for dinner and RM45 for hi-tea. They serve more to Asian and western food. You'll see varieties kinds of dishes, delicacies and beverages offered. A wide range of menus covered in Asian and Western cuisine.

The environment were pretty nice. Not really that packed up and definitely a pleasant place to dine in too. Oh well, me myself am into this field as well so I manage to approach the executive chef and asked him some questions about the concept of this Restaurant and all his menu served etc. Had quite a good chat with him and amazingly he thinks that I know a lot as well, because he thought im a noob and doesn't look like one who's into this field. HAHA.

Never underestimate. LOL

Lets check it out what they have in House Of Buffet !

Japanese most famous with its raw items. Certainly, Im a huge fan.

Fusion of Korean and Japanese all in one section.

Fresh seafood items like crabs, prawns, lobster, clams, squids and so on. Yumms.

Asian section. Fried fried Malay + Indian menus.

Chinese Menus like chili prawns, mushroom & tofu, sweet and sour chicken, Chinese fired rice etc.

Not to forget western cuisine as well ! kinda tempting huh.

This is Jamie Liew's platter! She LOVES kimchi and sushi a lot.

We ate a lot and drank a lot ! With Free flow of beers. OMG. Apart from that, they served Baskin Robins too! Not Kings, Not Walls, Not padle pop or whatever. We talking quality Ice creams here. Awesome. About Desserts, cakes was nice but not much cold desserts available. So yeah.

Group shot of Bryanlyt, Jamieliew, Simonso, Smashpop, Jonykt and Myself.

We left that place around 11 plus and we had a group shot before we leave that place.

Should I do a massive tag ? oh well no need larh. LAZY.

More photos and updates of this post in future. LOL. And I wanna wish everybody a happy Christmas Eve! Enjoy the party and 2010 awaits! Cheers.


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