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December 19, 2009

Hangout With Alamanda, Putrajaya

I'm back from Alamanda, Putrajaya with the Advertlets bloggers. It's such a fun and fruitful day with the bloggers. Roughly about 20-30 of us went to have fun together, bonding session, shopping, rock climbing, wakeboarding, watch movie and FOOD all day long @ Alamanda! Though we're tired, but we're happy! Thanks to Advertlets and Alamanda Putrajaya.

These are some of the photos I took through out the whole day. More photos will be out soon.

Gigantic group shot with the Alamanda background with the bloggers, flyfm crews and DJ's.

OldTown Nasi Lemak for Breakfast. Good food to start the day.

Thanks to her we got all the nice group shots with the Alamanda background outside the main entrance. Look at the amounts of DSLR's. Easily OMG 30K wei.

2 Jasons posing @ Quicksliver to shop for stuff up to 70%.

First time Rock climbing and it was totally FUN ! really good experience for me.

Lunch at 5 Star Pullman Hotel. It's a lunch buffet. Awesome place and food!

And the best thing was, having lunch with her. Presenting you, Belinda Chee.

After lunch, Tour guide brought us to look around the 5 Star hotels and we took another group shot ! The boss seems like he is going for a paintball game.

After visiting the Hotels, we went to the beach. Woots, my Alamanda jump shot !

After the beach, then we proceed to our next activity which was the wakeboarding. Im not involve.

lastly, Manhattan Fish Market FOOD ! calamari yumms.

After dinner, we watched Avatar movie at 6.30pm. Damn nice this movie. This will be a good movie to end the year wei. Ratings : 9/10 !

Conclusion, Best ever fully sponsored trip. lotsa fun, lots goodie bags, lotsa bonding session among ourselves, lotsa moments going on wei. #chillwei #alamanda Once again, thanks Advertlets.

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More photos soon. Patience, thank you and cheers.


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