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December 20, 2009

Hangout With Alamanda # Part 2

Woots, Hangout With Alamanda # Part 2 is up !

This shall be a simple post with photos and captions. Just to continue form the previous post about the bloggers trip to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Oh well, thanks once again Advertlets for having such an outing to be honest. Kudos Josh Lim. Okay, photos shall speak for now. LOL

Gigantic group shot with the Alamanda background with the bloggers, flyfm crews and DJ's.

Hanie, Michelle, Amanda, Howard and myself are the late comers gang to arrive @ Oldtown.

Eu veng and Rebecca was doing their shopping at Quicksliver. 30% discount yo !

Us all in the BUS rented from Alamanda.

Rock climbing session time. But first, warm up is a MUST!

Camho me and Hanie Honey at Pullman Hotel

Pullman Hotel VERY nice wei. lima bintang.

View from outside the room balcony. Damn nice I want to stay there also.

Chilling by the side of the beach. Thanks pOp for the shot.

Wakeboarding session. Coaching and Warming up.

Big Group shot at the amphitheater. Woots.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy and Hangout With Alamanda post # Part 3 will be up next week! Do stay tune cause there's like 3 more post related about Alamanda outing.

Cheers and Chill wei. Signing off.


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