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December 14, 2009 Relaunch !

Did you know that had finally revive and they've revamp their website with new interface, new look, new features, ALL new! Thus, did a relaunch event happening at Times Square, MOLi cyber cafe on Friday.

Who's MOL and Why MOL ? Because MOL Globe bought100% of share from Means now, Malaysia owns Not bad huh ?

I know that Friendster was part of our History, and also been conquered by people with 5 accounts or more. Can reach up to 10 accounts each as well. They call em the lala zai and lala mui. Yeah, I've blog about tham before.

Highly recommended to read again. typical ah lians post ! LOL

That was what happened in Friendster before and most of us hated it and thus Facebook appeared after Friendster. and now Facebook is leading, leavinf Friendster behind. Just hope that "typical ah lians post" incident wont happen in Facebook. But I recon it will soon.

Anyway, here are some of the photos taken on Friendster Relaunch event @ Times Square.

They served nice foods for us. Papa Jones, Krispy Kreme, Liquor and so on

The bloggers came to cover the event. Ewin, Howard, Michelle, SmashpOp and Coco.

Camho with so long never see Eu Veng and so long never see Jie Jun.

Ganesh the one on the left, is the owner for from now on.

And Karen Kong was there as well to give a talk on behalf of Friendster. And also nomintated being the most popular Malaysian on Friendster. More den 15K fans. I am one of them.

Karen Kong and myself.

I love her "dalam bahasa sayu", "cinta hello kitty" and "ku tak upaya" song in her 1st album.

Go Listen !

Advertlets! Double Jason, Rebecca and Joshlim was there as well.

Big group shot with Karen Kong.

Joshlim, Dila, Suresh, Coco, Ewin, Serge, SmashpOp, Karen, Bryanlyt, Evo and Shaz.

More photos to be posted soon.

So whatcha waiting for? Go back to your Friendster account and have a look! Just to support them. Also don't forget to add me in Friendster as well ! Search "mynjayz" =)

Printscreen incase of some you still don't believe me.

Cheers !


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