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December 30, 2009

Hangout With Alamanda # Part 3

Alamanda post part 3 is up. More photos from the fun outing with the bloggers @ Alamanda. Anyway, this is not the finale yet. PART 4 is and it will be up next year.

A brief introduction just to continue form the previous post about the bloggers trip to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Thanks once again Advertlets for having such an outing. We shall do this more often yeah! Photos shall speak for now.

I shall do a massive TAG for this post for those bloggers who went to ALAMANDA TRIP.

Amanda Choe
Belinda Chee
Jason Goh
Jason Ong
Bryan Lim
Josh Lim
Simon So
Eu Veng
David Jr
Hanie Hidayah
Jeremy Choy
Chris Tock
Leonard Chua
Adeline Chin
Sue Lynn
Howard U
Michelle Siew

WOAHH damn banyak LINKS. go go visit their blogs !

We had Old town for breakfast !

1 Malaysia. Rames, myself and Bryanlyt. LOLOLOL.

Bloggers, they love to Snap snap snap !

Gaying moments with joshlim in da fitting room. OMG sounds so wrong. 70% off for this surfing pants. Worth buying. We are happy.

AmandaChoe is in action for rockclimbing.

And got a swoosh that looks like nike logo at the back of her shoulder after rock climbing.

Pullman 5 star hotel @ Putrajaya.

Group shot taken in Pullman hotel while we're having our buffet lunch.

Went for Wakeboarding session but the weather wasn't that good. SAD. We're going there again next year for it! Was it EVO, Selena and Sue Lyn hanging behind there?

After Wakeboarding, we went dinner @ manhattan fish market. Movie Avatar after dinner. It wasn't 3D. and now, i feel like watching it 3D.

That's all for now and 1 more day, new year 2010 awaits! What shall I do, where shall I go celebrate? Hurmmm.

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Photo of the day. Who's better in doing pouting lips? LOL


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