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December 23, 2009

Hannah Tan Live In Concert

Ya it was after Genting trip with the gang to celebrate VavaVroomVivian's bday. Went down and slept for 2 hours and rush to the Gardens to attend Hannah Tan's charity concert. Didn't get enough sleep but I still forced myself to stay awake cause I don't wanna miss this event.

Yeap, it's Hannah Tan's charity concert happening LIVE featuring industry friends like Raymee from Inneundo, Liang, Jojo, Peitro, Harith, David the magician, Daphne, Sasi the Don and many more. Eventually, I was there late for an hour. Made Marcia angry. hehe. So yeah probably I'd miss the 1st half. Made me lazy and Didn't really take much photos. These is all I have. =)

Banner of Hannah Tan's concert.

Hannah Tan singing her song ANGEL. which is INDAH in malay version.

The people who came with me. VavaVroomVivian, MarshyMarcia, Mojoshdotcom and myself.

Hannah Tan outfit very bling bling with the trademark H. and this is how far my lens can go.

Hannah Tan's long lost sister, Marcia Tan. The Tan sisters.

VavaVroomVivian and Hannah.

Woots My turn to camho with her.

The amount of people came for this charity concert. A lot turn up for this concert. Not bad.

Also spotted many bloggers who were there as well but didn't manage to take photos with them. Next time larh! hahha. Anyway Hannah's concert was not bad larh. Not to say GREAT but its fairly good. Me can't wait to join H Facter crew member next year. woots.

I did my shopping for X'mas today. and also X'mas is near. 2 more days! Any nice plans, anyone?


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