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December 11, 2009

We Watched Zombieland !

We watched Zombieland @ ECurve! Thanks to and the movie was awesome. It's a combination of funny and horror movie. I can watch this movie for another 5 more times because its very interesting yet lame. Never fail to entertain me. Thankfully there's nothing remotely serious about Zombieland. It's just a heck of carnival attraction (Shoot the ducks/Shoot the zombies) on a roller coaster filled with laughs. LOL.

Bryanlyt : Oh on a short note, Emma Stone seems quite hot in the movie heh! *Laughs*

Anyway I rate this movie 8.5/10. a must to watch.

For now, the photos taken on that night with the bloggers.

The Advertlets bloggers. Smashpop, Bryanlyt, Mynjayz, Missycheerio and Joshlim.

My guest Yong Xiang and Jacquelyn. They're happy !

My guest Khaisim who watch this movie 4 times already and Caren Ong who is leaving to US soon.

Buddy Leonard and Alicia was there !

Missycheerio and The opposite of chocolate.

Vivalavivian, myself and the young enthusiastic Jon.

With da so long never see Evo Eu Veng and SimonSo very nice specs.

with the camho Queen.

Thai express before the dinner. One big group shot.

This is my first time taking photos in an event with my new Nikki D300s. So, really not very famillar with the settings and all. But, will improve in the future. =)

More photos in the future. Next up, PC fair hot chicks, Anyone ?

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