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December 28, 2010

7ASTE New York @ Hex & Mayfair

Finally, I have some spare time to update 7ASTE event which happened last week or two at PJ Trade Centre, Hex & Mayfair. The theme for this year - NEW YORK! Which reminds me of Empire State of Mind by JayZ and Alicia Keys.

I gonna be honest, this was the BEST 7ASTE event so far since the first one. It was a BLAST! The drinks was good! The crowd, the music, performance and what's a party without you're friends to party along with you. Thanks for the great event, 7ASTE. Was a great honor to be one of your VIP guest list. Will be supporting 7ASTE all the way. Cheers!

Photos are vital in such events, so lets make it a photo album for this blog post shall we?

Thought that Darling Esther Ng was the best dressed to my eyes on that night! Figured that she would be the first picture for this post. Itz YOURESTY.COM

There is no place in the world that can compare!

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. New York City, the home of the New York Yankees, Yellow Taxicab Co., Tifanny & Co. and NYSE – the world’s largest stock exchange on Wall Street. It has one of the world’s most famous skylines and over 800 languages are spoken – no wonder it is considered the CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

Fabulous Night Life after dark is where New York City shines the most! The city that never sleeps. Get into an empire state of mind inspired by the city where dreams are made of. From Manhattan to Brooklyn – smooth lounge to sleek street settings – expect an eclectic mix of entertainment and inspiring experiences that are bound to be elating.

Let's checkkit out the pictures taken that night! Below are all the happening social media friends of mine. They're awesome!

#1 Registration Counter and girls in blue uniform. Air stewardess?
#2 With 7ASTE Backdrop.

#3 Bloggers + Models.

#4 DonDon & JunJun and the Gang.

#5 Amazing things happen when you say YES!

#6 Young future potential bloggers in action! Okay Jeremy's not.

#7 My Sexy Joanne Kay

#8 Shawn Lee, Beat Boxer.


#10 Dancers crew! Great performance.

#11 Thanks for the MUSIC!

#12 Stripping time! Woops?

#13 Party MODE ON!

#14 Thanks Bro for organizing such wonderful event.

#15 Oh wow, the Advertlets Bloggers!

YES indeed, 7aste successfully organized another great party to end the year of 2010. Will be wait for the next 7aste event to come in the year 2011 :)

This is 7ASTE New York @ Hex & Mayfair (PART1) - NEXT post will be (PART2)


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