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December 30, 2010

#Maxis 10 - HTC SENSE On The HTC Desire Z

HTC SENSE is an entirely unique experience and its design revolves around many little ideas to bring you an experience that you will never forget. What makes it so unique is the simplicity of it all. It makes you wonder why nobody else has taught of it before. With HTC SENSE, everything makes sense. It's a phone experience that you will never forget for it continues to surprise you and guarantees to delight you every single time.

These are just a few of my favourite things about HTC SENSE.

*when it rings..

- No More Awkward Moments
Many of us are faced quite often with that awkward moment when your phone starts to ring during a movie or a meeting. For me, this happens fairly often and I haven't kicked the habit of forgetting to silence it when there is a need to. But with the HTC SENSE, you can avoid embarrassing yourself because the moment you pick up the phone to see who is calling, the ringing volume will decrease instantly. If you want to silence it, just flip it over and it will silence immediately thus saving you from an awkward moment.

- No More Missed Calls
Another problem that I face on a daily basis is not hearing my phone whenever it rings if it is kept somewhere in my bag or if I am in a noisy area. But this problem is solved now with HTC SENSE as the phone knows when it is tucked away and will ring loud enough for you to hear and capture your attention. So now I can avoid missing any important calls just because I am too deaf to hear my phone ringing.

- An Icebreaker For Your Calls
Sometimes, we get a call from a certain person but we just do not have much to say to them be it because we haven't seen them in ages or your mind is just blank at the moment. But now, HTC SENSE allows you to see the caller's latest social updates so you will the have so much to say even before the conversation starts. Personally, I really like this feature as it helps to keep me updated with my friends life as well.

*keeping in touch with friends..

- No More Jumping Between Apps To Keep Up With Friends
I dislike having to constantly switch between applications to check out a certain update from someone. It is especially annoying when that person has Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare.. just about every social application there is. But HTC SENSE makes it all less annoying now because they have a feature where you just tap on a friend's name and all their details will appear together. So, now I can check out my friend's Facebook updates, Twitter updates, contact details etc all in one go. It makes life so much easier.

- Say It Once Post It Everywhere
As a blogger, I constantly have to update almost every social platform that I have individually whenever I have something to announce. It is quite annoying and sometimes I forget if I have already updated that particular application or platform. HTC SENSE once again makes it easier by updating ALL my applications and social platforms in one go for me.

*the Internet..

- It's A Perfect Fit
The problem I always have with zooming in or out of a screen is that the text doesn't always fit on my screen. I will then have to scroll left and right continuously to read something. HTC SENSE has solved this problem for me as it makes the text all fit perfectly regardless of how much I zoom in or out of the screen.

*when you're on the road..

-Use Maps That Never Keep You Waiting
One thing about using maps on the phone is that they take time to load. Having to constantly see little grey areas can sometimes be quite infuriating especially when I am in a rush. HTC SENSE does not make you wait though. There is zero waiting time as the maps are already loaded right on your phone. This cuts down my waiting time and makes everything so much faster.

- Never Miss A Turn Because Of A Call
Usually while using maps on phones, the map will vanish whenever a call comes in. This obviously makes things much harder for me when I'm driving. There are times when I need the map and I need to use the phone at the same time to talk to someone. And HTC SENSE allows me to do just that. It allows me to still use my map though I am on the phone. This way, I never ever miss a single turning just because the map on my screen vanished.

These are just a few of the many things that HTC SENSE can do for you. As you can see, it does make life a lot easier in the simplest of ways. It kind of makes you wonder why it took so long for anyone to come up with this. But now that HTC SENSE is available, I'm loving all the little things it does for me and it definitely is one of the many perks of using the HTC Desire Z. It has so many uses and I guarantee that it will make everything so much more fun and easy for all of you and not just me ;)

That's all for now. To be continued. This is #Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme - HTC Desire Z


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