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December 9, 2010

Ocean Potion presents: Fair Game Movie Screening!

Don't be surprised. I've no sunblock experience in my whole life but I would definitely love to experience it for once. This is because I've never been using one in my whole life. -.-"

I've been a quite active basketball player when the days in my secondary school life. YES, I play real basketball shit. Since form 1 till form 5. Was a school player at first then became a state player. As we had a lot of free time on our hands and with one similar interest that is basketball among our Chinese friends in school, we played all the time. And I mean literally every moment we could. YES, between and during classes and the moment school finishes everyday. This was how active I was back then.

I was so TAN back then and the worst thing was it cannot be cured back to my normal skin colour. DAMN. Technically I will have different tone colour on my body, arms, legs and face. Due to the hot sunny sun I stayed under for such a long period, I was known as a MALAY boy instead a Chinese. People was confused of my race from my skin tone colour. RACIST! Oh well, this happens when you don't take precaution of your own skin. As last time, we dont know anything about sunblock ya, and even if we do, we don't have the money to get one at the mart or something. Parent couldn't be bothered at all. So nothing matters.

And which my skin tone now, still. Do look like a malay kid. I wish to have some of the Ocean Potion products for prevention in case if I will have more sports activities under the sun again and I don't want to transform into MJ. Indian kid with very dark skin tone. That's really terrifying. Imagine you have a black skin tone colour and you're a freaking CHINESE KID. People will start asking like, What the hell happened man?

I have no idea. But I've heard Ocean Potion is quite a good brand as for my case. Apart from all the other brands out there. Ocean Potion is one of the well known products too. Why shouldn't I want to win Ocean Potion products? Eh of cause I want it. Maybe for review if my post doesn't qualify? lol :)

By the way we have a movie screening too! ( Adapted from ADVERTLETS.COM )

Yup, there’s a movie screening this coming Monday and its non other than ‘Fair Game’! Thanks to sponsor Ocean Potion, not only will you get movie tickets, you will also stand a chance to win some of their great sunblock & tanning products plus a gym sized towel! Details below:

Blog contest for Ocean Potion
- Blog about your sunblock experience, and why you’ll like to win Ocean Potion products – and get a pair of tickets to watch ‘Fair Game’ & stand a chance to win Ocean Potion product hampers!
- Be a fan of the Ocean Potion Facebook Page
- Send your posts to
- Win movie tickets to watch Fair Game together with other bloggers!
- Ocean Potion products for best write-up (1st, 2nd & 3rd prize)
- You can also bring your existing sunblock on movie night to exchange for Ocean Potion products at discounted prices.

Here’s the trailer for the movie ‘Fair Game’. Look out for the shot of the Petronas Twin Towers.

I guess this could be quite an interesting movie. Interested to join me and other advertlets bloggers for this movie? Start blogging now. It's pretty simple. Just talk about your experience for sun block products. Anything would be fine. If you have nothing to do on this Monday, join me!

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