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December 15, 2010

The Clash of Titans - Man United vs Chelsea - EveryoneConnects

First of all, congrats EveryoneConnects for their 1 year Anniversary. Nice revamp on their website. Certainly a fun website to visit. Not like the ordinary website. Thus, in conjunction with that, they organized a football viewing party in Padang Timur PJ this coming Sun.

Date: 19 December 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 12 pm – 2 am

Venue: Padang Timur, Dataran Petaling Jaya

The LIVE viewing party will have the largest TV screen in S.E.A. Enough space for everybody and on top of that, all are invited!

YES, a match between Man United vs Chelsea. Well, as you guys know that Imma die hard Man Utd Fan. Everyone knows it through THIS! *click now*

So, are you ready for the clash of the Titans matches this weekend? Guess which team will win? It's very clearly stated on the picture (below) lol

Did you know that Manchester Utd beat Arsenal, the top on the chart 1 - 0 last weekend? That's great news for me and all the Man Utd fan out there. As for this weekend, I guess Paul the Octopus had decided that the win should go to Man Utd ya. lol. Hope that's gonna be true.

Visit the World of EveryoneConnects - and catch up with latest Man Utd news before the match day at The Stadium @ EC website.

You can also post your comment/feedback of the game at Kopitiam @ EC website and also chatting with others at the locker room chat.

Also, you will be getting exclusive TM Man United merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when signing up for any TM products or services.

Click EveryoneConnects Facebook page and "LIKE" their page as well and also get a cool EC wristband at the TM booth. Same goes to Twitter @every1connects.


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