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December 25, 2010

All Martial Arts Exhibition (AMAE)

The All Martial Arts Exhibition, AMAE is an activities-based event showcasing the different styles of self defence techniques and the benefits of practicing martial arts to individuals and society in regards to self-discipline, confidence, health, mutual respect, patience and so much more. All this will be highlighted through demonstrations and workshops.

One of the main objectives of AMAE is to cultivate interest in the practice of martial arts in youth and adults. Designed as a family day, AMAE will have activities suited to young and old and with fantastic prizes to be won. It’ll be a fun weekend for everybody.

AMAE will also carry a Health & Wellness Convention which aims to work as a supporting element to the main event. This program will highlight healthy living tips in the workshops, emergency demonstrations by medical professionals, exercise techniques and demos and so much more.

Fighters profile please click HERE

30th December 2010

Fight 1 - Hafiz Boroi VS Khoorosh
Fight 2 - Lan VS Gazawi
Fight 3 - Along VS Moghi
Fight 4 - Mat Seman Kipas Lanun VS Tang Datu

31th December 2010
Fight 1 - Danny Gurdesh VS Hussein Khadam
Fight 2 - Fareez Jhai Lek VS Mad Max
Fight 3 - Fatima VS Jeanne
Fight 4 - Khairi VS Ayup Kan
Fight 5 - Cyrus Washington VS Ediey

Fight night is a Live Event that will be broadcast LIVE on Astro Arena (channel 801) showcasing the best of Malaysian Tomoi Fighters vs. The World. Please refer the table (below) for schedule reference. Thanks!

What can you expect from the event? Music, Performance, Fashion, Fights, Fast Cars and Drinks! Please RSVP with me if you are interested to go either one of the days. I will be giving out VIP tickets which money can't buy and of cause I will be there for sure.

On support of my good friend's event. Let me know if you're really interested ya. (Comment on this post) Latest by this coming Tuesday. Thanks!

All Martial Arts Exhibition (AMAE). Very rare seen event. Certainly ONZ for this! How about you?

For more information of this event, Click AMAE Facebook Page.


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