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December 22, 2010

This is ZoukOut 2010

Ya I know this would be one of my outdated post about ZOUKOUT 2010. Sigh, been quite busy lately until I have not enough time spend for blogging. Nevertheless, I still have to post this up because this is ZoukOut 2010. The most anticipated dance music festival. Woots!

ZouKOut 2010 was the largest outdoor dance festival in the region which was held 2 weeks ago @ Siloso Beach @ Sentosa Island, Singapore. It was massive! Superbly craazy! The crowd was superbly packed. Estimated crowd of 35,000 this year in the annual dance music festival. Hmmm. My first and last time being in ZoukOut? Hmm. We'll read more about it.

Yes, Thanks to Advertlets. Because of their free complimentary ZoukOut passes, I manage to be at the dance music festival in Singapore yao. Went down with a few Advertlets bloggers and stayed separately among ourselves. Blame the late bookings for our accommodations, me and 2 friends have no choice but to stay overnight at the street and MCD early in the morning for breakfast.

Anyway back to ZoukOut, I didn’t bring my camera in. No battery + phone was out of battery as well, thus all the pictures here were taken by Thanks a lot bro!

Party people from KL. Well part of it. The rest all are scattered around. Tough for us to search among ourself, 35,000 party animals.

ZoukOut started from 8PM and lasted until 8AM in the morning. 12 hours of party. It's really tiring to stay that long. Oh mai but of course we didn’t stayed for all 12 hours, madness!

But as for some hardcore party-goers, they didn’t mind dancing through the night as famous DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta and many more played their songs at the event. Because they are one hell of a party animals. LOL. Not me! I'm just a average party-goer.

Oh hey, we manage to make a couple of new Singaporean friends! They very friendly people. I don't know about "kiasu" larhh. But chill. Guess the middle one is pretty hot yeah.

Schedule from 8pm-8am. 12 hours of party. Guess everyone was very exited for David Guetta and Tiesto DJ performance.

I love the lights the @ ZoukOut 2010. By the way, ready to Partaaaayyyy?

Met with Karmun! One of my Party friends.

More group photo. This time with Xiang in the photo.

This was taken when Tiesto was up stage performing.

We managed to brave through the 35,000 crowd and everyone's been pushing each other. Struggle to even move out of the scene to a lesser crowd place. Many had been reported that girls being molested, "touch and go" or "touch and grab" you name it. Even you have no intention to do so, you'll still experience it naturally/automatically.

Still, we came to ZoukOut, Singapore for a reason. The party still goes on!

Half way through Tiesto, we were getting fed up of people keep pushing, snatching our spot, we went to the bar and get some drinks. 8 SingDollar per drink. Oh mai! I'm seriously poor being in Singapore. Speaking of which, im jealous of those VIP peeps, free flow of F&B from 8pm-8am. Daym.

Below are some shots of the crowd/party people.

Can you spot the Kl party girls? Estee? Perhaps Dalvin? lol.

Too bad we didn’t stayed until the end. Tiesto‘s slot was 3AM-5AM, David Guetta‘s slot was 5AM-7AM. didn’t get to catch David Guetta rocking down the beach. Ee left halfway through Tiesto‘s performance. We're all getting tired and ressless! Tcmaine was not feeling well, so yeah we went back around 5am in the morning. Continue our 2nd round at the roadside near the stairs. How sad!

This sums up everything about ZoukOut 2010.

Celebrating 10 years of Great Music, Love and Memories. This is ZoukOut10.

Thankyou #ZoukOut 2010 for the awesome event. Could this be my first and last time being at ZoukOut? Judging by the amount of people there, I guess it is UNLESS I've got sponsored for being a VIP then that's a different story :)

Hoping for a better ZOukOut11 Next Year! Thanks for reading.


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