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December 26, 2010

Taylor’s University - Lakeside Campus Open Day 2010

WOW! Itz the Hot Air Balloon!

How rare you can see this around nowadays? Well, you can witness & get a ride on the hot air balloon if you went for Taylor’s University - Lakeside Campus Open Day last Friday, Saturday OR Sunday. Yes I was there once again this year for a whole campus tour experience on Malaysia's State-Of-The-Arts Modern Tropical University Campus.

(WARNING : Slow Loading Photos)

Before you proceed reading, this was my last year's blog post : Taylor's Lakeside Campus Visitation -'s

Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus held their Open Day (HERE) and I’m sure those of you who's keen OR interested in studying at Taylor’s would have already visited Taylor's University.

Some of the activity that they have on that day:
  • Hot Air Balloon from 10am to 12pm: FREE Ride.
  • Test drive a student designed car built by Formula Varsity Race Champion Team from School of Engineering!
  • Science of Food Workshops.
  • Taylor's Lakeside Campus Tour.
  • Career Talks.
  • Career Test.
  • Register for Scholarships.
If you don't have the chance to pay a visit last week for it, Fred not cause I’ll be showing you here what you can expect about the : Courses, facilities, job opportunities in future etc. when you enroll in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

Firstly, here's a lil introduction about Taylor's University Lakeside Campus.

A total investment of RM450 million Taylor's Lakeside Campus in early 2007 is indeed an exciting phase in Taylor's 38-year-old history and underscores its continued commitment to self-development. It marks another milestone in Taylor's history where great strides have been made since 1969. Set on 27 acres of tropical greenery near Jalan PJS 7/5, the campus will be surrounded by a revived 5.5 acre man-made lake, as well as a landscape of water plants, trees and flowering shrubs and ground cover.

Pretty amazing ain't it? I'm sure it's everyone's dream place to study after SPM. lol. Apart from that, the Open Day was filled with lots of interesting activities, workshops, career talks, campus tour visitation and so on. Guess I've got a lot to elaborate about Taylor's Uni.

As promised, you'll see a student designed car built by Formula Varsity Race Champion Team from the School of Engineering! Not to mention that you can even test drive the car.

There's 2 cars on ground. One is the not so sophisticated car. But still not too bad for student's to build that thing.

Also, Science of Food Workshops by the Food Science students. Demonstration of how to make a candy/sweets yourself.

Apart from the activities which you seen earlier, here comes the serious part of what's the purpose being in Taylor’s University Open Day. In sight from Taylor's MPH, seeing a lot of parents brought their kids along to the Open Day for course inquiry/counseling session/future planning etc.

What course I have in mind is : School of Computing and IT. Heard the rumors that Taylor's have more than 100 Apple iMac. I've seen it with my own eyes. Believe it! And so, I've been given a brief idea why you and me should study here in Taylor's.

Programmes Offered for SOCIT (School of Computing and IT)
  1. Foundation in Computing
  2. Diploma in Information Technology
  3. Bachelor of Computer Science, RMIT, Australia
  4. bachelor of Information Technology, RMIT, Australia
Interested in Computers courses? Let me tell you why you should study at SOCIT in Taylor's
  • Strong Collaboration with renowned University like RMIT Uni, Australia. Offers the same syllabus as in RMIT Uni and taught to the same high standard.
  • Quality Assurance by RMIT Uni's academics who make regular visits to Taylor's Uni. This is to make sure that curriculum meets the demands and expectations of the industry.
  • Marketable graduates. Programmes focused applied learning, blending theory and practice with skills relevant to industry needs. Job guarantee ready for fresh graduates.
  • Competent Lectures. Lectures who are specialize in niche ares of computing such as Microsoft, Sun Java, Linux, Oracle, SAP, UML, and knowledge management, to name a few.
Not convinced enough? Perhaps this should at least convince you a lil.

Hmm maybe not. You need to visit Taylor's Uni counselors to inquire more information regarding on your desire academic studies courses. As for now, the fun part begins. Jom let's have a tour around the Uni.

First and foremost, the computer labs Taylor's had. Since if you're interested in studying SOCIT (School of Computing and IT). This is what you should see/know.

Oh my, it does smells expensive. Don't They?

I've been always wanted to learn more about computing. Programme like 3D graphics and annimation, Real time rendering & 3D games, JAVA, HTML codes, Flash graphic studies, Web development, Digital media computing & Designing. ETC. I believe SOCIT (School of Computing and IT) would be providing all those and also a good choice if you are interested to further your studies in Computing and IT.

Moving on to other service and academic facilities Taylor's University - lakeside Campus have. Be ready to be impressed of all the exclusive fercilities.

Design Studios. Designing School students get to enjoy some facilities such as The Gallery & Critique Room, Drawing Room & Printmaking Room, Photo Studio and Design Mac Lab.

The 4 different Themed "T" Restaurants. Tarragon, Thyme, Tangerine and Truffles

Library services.

They also have this 24/7 study room beside the library where it actually opened 24 hours everyday for students to study! So if students are having exam the next day OR having assignments which need to discuss with their groupmates, this is the best place to be. + free wifi 24/7 as well for registered students.

Library reading area.

The view of a Lecture Theater or Auditorium. Not bad, you can see the lake view and the deck ahead, through the glass walls. Very impressive.


One of the 4 different Themed "T" Restaurants. Truffles Restaurant.

Kitchens for Culinary Arts students. Fully equipped facilities in the kitchen. Not to mention, there's Wine Tasting room as well for Hospitality students.

Library + Computers. with a nice view outside. Oh my, iMac again!

Moot Court for LAW students.

Sports and recreation centre. (Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Futsal court). Parking lots as well.

Student Life Centre (pool table, foosball, table tennis, etc.)

Taylor's Cafeteria. (budget food)

Syopz Commercial Block (Starbucks, Grub Bistro, Subway, Wong Kok, Famous Amos, Old Town White Coffee, Machines, Ruemz Hotel, Häagen-Dazs, etc.) It has everything in ONE.

RUEMZ - The Hotel on Campus.

Can you believe it? Taylor's Uni is having their very own Hotel soon in their campus. It's expected to official launch it on March 2011! This is the first University that offers Hotel service to the public and fully operated by Taylor's University Hospitality students. It's a really brilliant from them to to this. With this system, students are able to really train themselves are ready for REAL working life in the industry.

One of the huge hotel rooms @ RUEMZ. Double single bed. Worth around Rm220 per night with Breakfast @ Taylor's Restaurants. Food is served in Fine Dining Style.

Commercial block view.

Outdoor amphitheater view.

The academic blocks view.

The hot air balloon which I mentioned earlier. Specially just for the open day!

Honestly speaking, for those who are studying now, I'm sure all of you wanna shift College/ University after reading this post? Or even for the working people, Turning back time 5-10 years younger so we can enjoy such NICE life in University.

In conclusion, if you are planning to pursue your studies in Taylor’s University, you're doing the right choice. It's a BEST place for you young people for a uni life experience.

Those who are interested to learn more are encouraged to visit the Taylor’s University Campus Day at the Lakeside Campus from 8th January to 9th January 2011, 10am to 5pm.

For more info, log on to & Taylor's Facebook Page !


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